Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 2 Monogram freebie

Reposting the blog post from yesterday. Somehow it just vanished and I have no idea how or why. Creepy! Here it is again though...

Afternoon everyone! I have day two of the monogram freebies for you this evening. Been out and about most the day. Took little man and some of his friends to jump street trampoline world today. OMG it was hot out there. In the 110 degrees today. UGH!!! I am about to start a new collab with Touched by a Butterfly here soon. We are thinking of a theme about America and what its all about. Emergency responders and such. Have not done a collab in ages so should be fun. What are you all up to this weekend? Any big plans? Enjoy the freebie! Hugs


  1. Thank you Misty! Great alpha!

    You're right, it was weird! I saw the freebie on my iPad and then when I went to download it onto my computer it was gone! I thought I was going nuts!

  2. Thank you so much for this fantastic freebie!

  3. thanks for the beautiful monogram! love tbab too! looking forward to the collab! I know it's going to be great!

  4. this kit is beautiful....thanks for the have 2 boys yet you seem to do more "girly" like kits then boy kits...why?..also was wondering about the letter S I have a lot of your kits and 27 of them start with the letter there a reason for this? Also..was wondering if you ever thought about doing a "mud" 2 grand babies were playing in the mud this afternoon and they were covered from head to toe...the whole time I was taking pictures I was scrapping the pages..but I don't have a mud kit that is for both girl and could call it Mud just a thought...have a great day

    1. Gosh thats a mouthful there! LOL Well Yeah I guess I am better with the brighter more colorful girly palettes than the rugged theme so I tend the go more in that direction though you are right I should try and do more boyish stuff. The kits starting with S? Purely cooincidence I assure you unless there is something subconscious to it that Im not aware of? LOL Funny though that you caught that. It never occured to me really. And yes there is a MUD theme in the future. I been getting a list of the next 10 to work on and that is one of them.