Saturday, July 13, 2013

Monogram freebies day 10-11

OMG! I have got to get this kid out of diapers and potty trained. As I type my husband is steam cleaning the next room. We are taking turns. It started with Skylars room after he overfilled his diaper in his sleep. Cutting juice and water out before bedtime hasnt done anything to curb this issue. Ever had a diaper end up in the washer and find chunks everywhere? Thats what I woke up to this morning amid a mess of toys! OMG it took everything I had not to lose my stomach cleaning it all up. Still cleaning. LOL! I know ill laugh about this tomorrow but....EEWWWWW!~ Anywho here is day 10 and 11 of the freebies. Enjoy...


  1. As always your monograms are beautiful. Will enjoy using these. Thank you.

  2. Thanks so much Misty, appreciate all you share~

  3. oh no - I really don't envy you that task... It is the best time of year to try though. My second son wouldn't use the potty - he insisted on going on the loo. I can't remember it being too taxing mind.

    Hope you don't get too many more (if any) incidents like you just had!

    Your Summber Beauty kit is lovely and so colourful and happy. Thank you for the freebies... i'll check the kit out too... this is the first time i've seen it in my feed - seems I've not been on FB at the right times.

    Paula x x x

  4. Thank you for all the freebies. The diaper thing really does end. Once (over 20 years ago, but I still remember it) my daughter pulled off a very full diaper in her crib and wiped the crib, wall, and herself with it. Was like a scene from a horror movie when I walked in.

  5. Thank you for the monograms, as usual. Sorry to hear about the potty-training woes. Neither of my kids finished the process until they were 4 so I feel your pain, deeply!