Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mmm... Brains Freebie Day 13

Can you believe that today marks the halfway point in this series? I can't! I've been enjoying sharing them with you as well as reading your comments, and I know that Misty loves reading your comments as well! ;)
Sorry I'm late coming to you again today. At the last moment we decided to take our boys to the Pumpkin Patch this evening. I'll hopefully have a scrapped photo or two to share with y'all tomorrow as long as my laptop continues to play nice (my husband informed me yesterday, it's time to start shopping for the one I want to replace this one with.)
Anyway, here is today's freebie:
Hope you had a wonderful Saturday and you have a great Sunday! Mine will be filled with food and family as I will be at a Family Reunion! ;)

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