Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mmm... Brains Freebies Day 6 & 7

Sorry for not posting yesterday! My laptop did not want to play nice and neither did my iPad, so I wasn't able to get Day 6 posted. I decided I'd post early in hopes that the laptop would play nice today (and the fact that my 3 year old is running a fever this morning) and I would actually be able to get the freebies out!
Here is yesterday's freebie:
And here is todays:
Hmmm... You know a sick kid and a rainy day is the PERFECT excuse to stay inside and scrap, right? Guess it sounds like a great day to play with some of Misty's amazing kits! Which one will you scrap with today?


  1. Thanks for both of these...have a fabulous Sunday

  2. Thank you! Hope your day is as nice as it sounds...

  3. thanks so much for the awesome monograms! the new kit it fantastic! Hope your baby feels better soon! thanks for posting for Misty!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing.Love them! Sure hope your little one is feeling better this morning!