Monday, November 11, 2013

Holiday Delights Brag Book Freebie Day 7

Good Morning all!
Not used to me coming to you so early, right? Well, today is my first day off since August and I have to admit, it felt so odd sleeping until 9! I haven't really even been doing that on the weekends because they've been busy too!
I also want to say Happy Veterans Day to any Veterans that may be reading this post today (Or wives of Veterans like myself.) May you find a day of relaxation and peace in these 24 hours. <3 to you all!!
Ready for another freebie?
And now I'm off to do some purging of the toys in my sons' room and then I think we'll enjoy the sunshine a little today! Have a great one! :)


  1. Happy Veterans Day! thank you so much for days 6 & 7!

  2. WOW...your first day off since August!!! Hope you had an AWESOME day.:) Thank you sooo much for sharing your COOL bb pages with me. I LOVE THEM ALL!!:)