Thursday, December 05, 2013

Little Tweeties Brag Book Day 9

Good evening all!
How cold is it where you are? It's super cold here in my neck of the woods... Or at least cold by South Texas standards! Who is ready for tonight's freebie? I know I am! ;)
If your weather is horrid, please be careful. Personally I am hoping for an Ice Delay tomorrow because I am exhausted and my kiddos have been super hyper ;)


  1. Thanks, now I must catch up on the ones I missed, we certainly are iced in with 1-3 inches of ice in the DFW area, thankfully, I have power still!

  2. A chilly 21 degrees here in SW Oklahoma at 1PM. Thank you so much for ths brag book.. Now that I have found you, I will be a loyal follower.

  3. Thank so much for this beautiful serial BB. It's great appreciate. Have good week-end!

  4. thanks so much for the awesome bb page! it's cold here - no snow or anything though - hard freezing making my plants die though!