Monday, January 27, 2014

Candy Kisses Brag Book 9

Today and Tomorrow are the last days of this series. It seems like it's been so long with all the illness and computer issues we've been plauged with lately!
Ready for day 9?
I don't know about your neck of the woods, but the weather is supposed to get nasty here again over night. They're saying everything will be covered in ice again tomorrow. If it's that way where you are, stay warm and stay safe!!


  1. It was so warm today, that the snow was literally melting away before my eyes! Then the sun went down, and POOF the temperature dropped about 30 degrees! LOL At least most of the snow & ice is gone from our alley, so I can safely drive & park back there. A few days ago, I almost slid down the entire hill and would have crunched into a Honda Odyssey!! :( That would NOT have been good! Thankfully, ABS brakes and a final empty patch let me safely STOP. I sat there for a few seconds, saying a prayer for that. :D
    Thanks for the download, no matter if it's not strictly daily. ;)

  2. thanks for the fantastic bb page! Hope your weather gets better soon! the west is warm - seems like the only place that is right now.