Monday, February 17, 2014

Contest Winners!!

First time doing this contest. Naturally I will goof a few things. lessons learned....dont write out the names by hand, your handwriting stinks and you cant read it well! I misread one of the winners! LOL Doing a drawing first thing when you wake up in the morning means you are not operating at 100%  and bound to leave out someone. Yep! Guilty. But we now have all the winners. I had to do a second video drawing for the one that I forgot but its all done! Everyone has been notified and here are the results. I will do this again soon and next time I think I will be more attentive to what Im doing LOL! Hope you had fun. And Congrads to the winners!

50 dollars store code winner...Kimberly Jones
50 dollars store code winner ...Michelle Shiner
50 dollars store code winner ...Helen Jones

1 year access winner...Judy Dickson


  1. Did I miss the Alphabet kit?

    1. No sweetie. Im gonna get back on that this week. It was just set aside cause I hit a brick wall creativily.

  2. Congrats, ladies! ... Well, I'm assuming you're ladies. LOL But on the internet, nobody knows you're really a cat. ;)