Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lucky Days Mono Freebie M

Happy Hump Day Ya'll!
First off, those who asked about the "I" from this kit, I sent Misty an email and I will let you guys know what she said as soon as I can :)
Second, raise your hand if you are so tired that you have a headache? I've been waiting too long to go to bed which means I can't take my medicine to help me fall asleep and then I wake up without getting 1/3 of the sleep I need. Thankfully tomorrow is my last day of work until Monday so *hopefully* my children will sleep in on Friday morning!
Here is tonight's freebie:
Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow :D


  1. I just assumed the I was supposed to be b/w. LOL But now that you mention it, it makes sense that a rainbow kit would have a more colorful I. :D
    Thanks for sharing these! and for all your work to do so.

  2. I raised both hands, but then I realized that I couldn't type to tell you "ME!", lol!

  3. Thank you for the Lucky Days Alpha Clusters!