Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lucky Days Mono Freebie O & P

Hi all!
Sorry for not getting a post out to you yesterday. I was off and the hubby was home so we had some family time! Then my husband did the unthinkable. He got me a drink in a plastic bottle. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, I drank some of it...
And spent the rest of the day in bed with a migraine. I've learned that I can't eat/drink off plastics. I'm apparently allergic to them as well. I've started carrying a Stainless Steel cup around with me ;) (P.S. Does anyone know where to get a SS cup that is bigger then 16oz?)
Anyway, here is the freebie that should have been posted yesterday:
And here is today's freebie :)
I don't know how the weather is in your neck of the woods. It's in the 70s here today, but rainy. I think I'll spend the day indoors maybe doing some scrapping, but if you can get out, Do it! Go enjoy some sunshine for me if you can! :)
Happy Saturday!!!!


  1. thank you so much for both of these awesome monograms! Hope your migraine is gone!

  2. It started snowing... and it's supposed to for the next 12+ hours... oy vey. LOL Thank you for the monograms. :)
    Have you tried a sport cup? like this:
    But I just noticed the top is plastic. Is it ALL plastic? This one says it's BPA-free. Does that make a difference?
    Ooohh! This one is for mixing drinks, but it's all metal
    Hope that helps!

    1. I looked at both of those, but I need one that has a lid for work :/ And those canteens are SOOO hard to wash!
      I was able to find one on ebay of all places, so now I just have to wait for it to ship! :)
      Thank you for your help!!!!

  3. Thanks for the monograms! I use a stainless steel thermos. Keeps my water or juice cold most all of the day.

    1. That one is awesome! If the one I ordered doesn't measure up, looks like this one might be the next one I try! Thanks for the link!!

  4. Another great gift, thanks so much for the lovely alphas you make and so generously share!