Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Never Forgotten in Stores today!

A customer emailed me a few weeks ago with a story that broke me heart and a kit request in regards to it. The theme was to be angel babies. A kit to document loss of a child. She had carried twins to term only for them to be stillborn. I couldnt imagine the pain that that must of ben for her. I have lost a child before and its something that I have always carried with me. I know that this is a pain that many people have experienced. And scrapbooking isnt always just about remembering the joy of our life but also the trials and tribulations that make us grow. Remembering the ones that we lost so that they will always have a place immortalized forever in our hearts and minds and our records as well. So I did the kit she asked of me and its in the stores this morning. The kit features 269 Elements, 44 Papers and 2 alphas, there are the extras and a bundle as well.

Kit and Bundle is on sale half price for the first few days! So be sure to grab it before its back to regular price!!! Enjoy








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  1. I'm so sorry for you story but.....Wow it is so cute I bought the bundle. I'm going to be grandma for the 5th time in May, this kit just in time. Bravo and thank you!