Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Fun Brag Book Day 1

Happy Friday Eve! lol
I hope you guys have had a wonderful day, mine wasn't too bad, just busy! Then again that's how I like it so I can't complain right ;)
So yesterday I showed you Misty's newest amazing creation, Easter Fun, remember?
It's perfect for your Easter photos, I know I can't wait for Easter to be over so I can scrap my photos with this kit!
And because Misty is amazing, talented, and super giving, she has a new Brag Book Series for you!!
I have to admit, I love these BB freebies.... When I'm not feeling the creative juices but want a new wallpaper for my iPad or notebook, these are amazing. Just plug in the photos and go!


  1. The new kit is fantastic! Can't wait for my Brother to send me my nieces Easter photos - I'll be ready. Thanks so much for Day 10 of the sail away and day 1 of this set. I love brag books too - so easy to use!

  2. So cute- I love it! Thank you :D

  3. So very cute!
    Thank you!

  4. This is fantastic, thanks a lot! have a terrific weekend!

  5. Another cute kit! Thank you for the freebies, including the FB banner. I love it! Kathy

  6. Thank you!! - Kat

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  8. Thank you very much for the freebies. I love them

  9. just found you while blog hopping love brag books thanks for sharing