Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Fun Brag Book Day 2

Happy Monday!
I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Sadly, Misty was down with a migraine, but I was out with my husband for the weekend and the hotel we stayed in had a horrible internet connection.... which is ok because it gave me extra time with my amazing husband.
My husband's birthday is in March and mine is in May so we try to do something special in April to celebrate our birthdays and this weekend was it! We got lucky because Discovery had a mini marathon of Deadliest Catch so we grabbed dinner and came back to the hotel with our favorite snacks and just enjoyed the time together :)
Now it's back to work for both of us and time for a new freebie!
This is so pretty, hope you enjoy tonight's freebie! See you tomorrow....


  1. Glad you two had an awesome time. thanks for the fantastic bb page!

  2. Thank you!! - Kat