Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Fun Brag Book Day 6

You know your worn out when you misspell the words papers and the. lol
Today was a BLAST but it was long. My legs are killing me from being on my feet all day. However, my students and honestly the students of the whole school had a blast and were all laughing so it was worth it. In fact, all of my preschoolers napped today which has only happened once this year so I guess we wore them out good! (Oh geez, I just left the d off good! lol)
I think it's an early bedtime in my household, but first tonight's amazing freebie!
Tomorrow I get to spend my day off cleaning! lol.. They are going to level the house and work on the room this weekend so we have to clean and rearrange things for their supports. Oh joy! ;)


  1. Thank you!! - Kat

  2. thanks for the awesome bb page. Glad you had a great day. Hubby and I went to a pirate/steampunk/faerie festival today. It was great. Got me a funnelcake too - my fav!