Thursday, May 29, 2014

Daddy's Day Monogram Freebie B

Today was a not so great day for me. I found out during my lunch hour today that next Friday will be my last day at our school. My husband had asked me to take the summer off and I had ignored him saying I would work over the summer, but I guess he got his wish. :/
I, however, am not looking forward to job hunting again. I really liked this job, the school, and the kids and I am heartbroken that I am being made to leave it. I know that it means God has a different plan for me, but I'm still sad....
Anyway, time to move on to tonight's freebie :)
Hopefully YOU had a better day... I know tomorrow will be better for me! <3


  1. Thanks so much for another COOL monogram.:) LOVE IT!

  2. Yes, believe that God has a better plan. My daughter is suffering from a head injury acquired at school and she has cognitive deficits. It was unlucky and all we can do is take it a day at a time and put the tools and resources in place to go forward. It forces us to take time to rest and it also helps us re-evaulate often. You'll find a better path, I believe that. Your faith will give you strength.

  3. thanks so much for the wonderful monogram! Sorry about losing your job at the school. I hope you find one you like equally well. You will be in my prayers!

  4. Thanks ladies :) Today was a much better day. I told most of my parents that I was leaving and most of them were really mad about it. I know that won't change anything, but it made me feel a bit better :)
    Tanya, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. :( That makes me so sad, I hope she gets better soon!!