Sunday, June 22, 2014

Daddy's Day Monogram Freebie W

Hi all!
First off, sorry about yesterday's post. I went back in and fixed the link. I forgot to change the link that I copied! That's what happens when you don't get enough sleep, right ;)
I can't believe we are almost done with this series, just a couple more... Who's picked up Daddy's Day in the store and played with it? Misty would LOVE to see your layouts shared either with a link here in the comments or on the Facebook page!
Ready for W?
Enjoy your Sunday and we'll see you again tomorrow :)


  1. Thank you for fixing V and for all your freebies.

  2. Thanks for the letter W today. Strangely, as many times as I tried downloading the letter V yesterday, it never did. All that happened is that the square image we see here with a frame and Daddys Day would enlarge, but nothing ever went to the downloads. Thanks a bunch. You are extremely creative and I appreciate all the beautiful letters you design throughout the year. Dorothy

    1. Dorothy,
      Just before I posted this, I fixed the link for the V as I stated above and on the original post. Please try again because I promise it's working now :)

  3. Love your monograms and am sooo thankful for your shares! hugs!

  4. Thanks a lot, this is a terrific series of alphas!

  5. thanks for the fantastic monogram! haven't picked up the kit yet, it's on my wishlist though!