Saturday, July 12, 2014

Alphabet Soup Brag Book Freebie B

Happy Saturday all!
I'm pre-blogging this because at the time I normally blog I'll be at a wedding for some wonderful friends of mine. After I will have 4 kiddos in tents in my backyard for the night! They can't wait!! (Crazy kids!)
Ready for the 2nd Alpha Soup Brag Book??
I think I might just use this one to showcase some photos of my youngest... Since his name starts with B!!


  1. thanks for the fantastic bb page! have fun at the wedding. hope the kids enjoy the camping! my niece loves to camp in the back yard!

  2. Thanks so much just got these 2 pages, they are terrific as usual.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful artworks.:)

  4. oops I mean what happened to the alphabet soup alpha?

    1. There wasn't a freebie alpha for Alphabet Soup, just a brag book series. Misty's computer crashed in the making of these and as a result, she lost the ones she had made.