Monday, September 22, 2014

Alphabet Soup Brag Book Freebie E

Hi all!
Sorry for no freebie post this weekend. It was CRAZY around here. We had an extra kid on Saturday (I had to help a Military Wife friend who had to fly her hubby home on emergency leave. We Army wives have to stick together!) Then my migraine came back, I had to teach Sunday morning at Church, the hubby went back out of town last night, and I totally forgot to breathe, much less make it back here to post your freebie! Happily it's Monday and things slow back to normal (Or as normal as they get around here! lol)
Did you see the post Misty made yesterday about her flash sale?! This is a GREAT chance to snag all those kits you've been wanting, but haven't picked up yet. This sale won't be back for a year, so you better jump on it now!!
As always, the graphic above it linked to the shop.... And remember, this offer ONLY applies to Crazy4Monograms products, not those by any other designer in the shop :)
So, now your freebie. I really love these, I hope you do too!!
Have a great day! <3


  1. thank you so much for the fantastic bb page! I wish I could shop but can't until we pay off more of our huge electric bill. sigh..hate summers in vegas

  2. Another pretty page to say I thank you for, so thank you for sharing it!