Friday, August 13, 2010

Friendship Page Title Freebie Day 4

Little guy had the whole day with grandma yesterday and man did I ever get caught up! I was able to finish the tap dancer templates for katie and get started on the halloween trick or treaters for the next set of templates. I cant wait to see what she does with these! They are gonna make for some really cute kits! I got started on another tutorial. Well kinda. I started to play around in photoshop to create something that I would use for the next tutorial. I ended up with something super cute and handy to know that uses several different techniques from paths to Line tools and brushes along with blending modes. So this will actually be the next 2 or 3. Ill probably start on that later this afternoon. Its Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend. Taking the little guy swimming again tomorrow. His first couple trips were iffy. He didnt quite know what to make of it! LOL! But he the seconds trip was better than the first. Hopefully tomorrow he will have gotten used to it enough to really enjoy the experience.

Here is day 4 of the Friendship Page Titles. Enjoy


  1. thanks very much for todays word art.....

  2. file is corrupted and can't be opened!

  3. I downloaded this Day 4 word art, but cannot get it to open. I downloaded the other 3 days and they have been no problem. Thankyou for this lovely word art.

  4. WOW! I just woke up and there my inbox was blowing up with comments and emails about this new download. LOL First I had a typo on the title and then the file is messed up man I just cant seem to get this one right! LOL My apologies. I have rezipped the files and tested the download and as far as I can see its not working just the way it should. I am working on the new one for today right now so that one should be posted him in a bit. Best regards