Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friendship Page Title Freebie Day 5

So apparently yesterday I just couldnt seem to get the freebie right! LOL I think it was one of those days for me. Little man was up and down in moods and I usually start the freebie first thing when I wake up in the mornings so that is usually my early morning warm up LOL! Katie just finished the Sister and Brother kits and I am working on the monogram, wordart and page title sets for those kits at the moment along with some halloween and xmas template sets for her upcoming kits. I am finished with the Tap Dancer Templates so that is out of the way but drawing animals and objects for templates is a breeze, people is another story so they are taking some time to do but turning out so cute!
I got day 5 of the Friendship page title freebies done and posted now and I am gonna TEST the download this time! LOL Sorry about that hassle guys! I just finished a new tutorial and sent it off to katie yesterday. Not sure when she is gonna post it yet. Im currently working on a set of page titles for a wedding theme using her Classic Beauty kit. While she does not have a wedding kit yet that one is rather perfect in design for a wedding theme so I started to create some basic wedding elements to supplement and doing a set of chrome type wedding bands I thought that that would make a neat handy tutorial for you guys so that done Ill get these sets Im working on finished for katie and get the templates listed for you all to download. These are Photoshop CS tutorials.
Here is day 5 of the freebie set! Any requests for the next set????


  1. Thanks for todays download and for fixing up yesterday's error. All working fine

  2. thank you for all the freebies.:) sometimes it pays to be a lil late (after all the glitches have been fixed), LOL! hmm, i think il make a bragbook using your friendship WA and send copies to my BFF's! thanks again!

  3. I love your site, just LOVE it! I've snagged SO many freebies and I'm sooo appreciative and love every single one of them!!!!

    As for requests, I'm already designing my QP for Halloween and Thanksgiving. There isn't a lot on the web for anything in November that is as classy as yours - other stuff is all a little cutesy.

    So, that's an idea. I also would love to see something about "SISTERS".


  4. Your words are lovely I would love to have some more. Thanks Val

  5. I am so pleased to have found your blog. I just could not believe the beautiful word art was really a freebie, but I finally stopped by and it really was. woo hoo. thanks so much