Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mans World Page Title freebie Day 1

*sigh* Its Wednesday. Hump day, day 3 of not hitting the gym after vowing to. *sigh*. We are both guilty me and hubby. LOL We have had this membership since Early May and the first month we hit the gym regularly then one skipped day turned to two and then a whole month of "too busy" and a sudden realization that we have been paying for 2 memberships we have not even used! WOW. I think I once read that gyms make the most money off the adsent members. The ones who make that new years resolution to get fit and take advantage of the new years no sign up fee promo and end up spending the rest of the year paying for the membership but never showing. Hubby wants to take the little guy swimming tonight so I may hit the gym while they are at the pool if he isnt up for going along. I really need to get off this computer!!! LMAO

I have started the new wordart for this week. Men themed scrapbooking stuff is not too common and so I thought it would be a good one for this week. I had received a suggestion for the sister theme but since katie just released products in this theme I am gonna wait a bit before doing freebies of that theme. Here is day 1!

Let me know what you think. Cheers

Misty Allen


  1. I would LOVE more 'manly' kits! I was trying to do a page of my brother and the different motorcycles he had over the years and I finally gave up! for now.... Thanks for the title!!!

  2. Keep getting damaged format. Would you please repair... Love this WA!

  3. That is so weird cause I tested the download and it was even downloaded by others successfully yesterday. Sometimes if the download or upload gets interrupted it can corrupt the file so when I upload em this can happen but it could of been when you were downloading it too. Did you try it more than once? I have uploaded a new zip file so you should not have a problem but let me know if you do and Ill just email it to you.

  4. Yeah, it worked thank you. I have a man of the house!