Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mans World Page Title freebie Day 4

Gotta love facebook! A few weeks ago hubby and I were just talking as we were going to bed and he was telling me about several of his old high school buddies that he had not seen in years and years that he was able to find again on facebook and I was thinking that I should see if I could look up a few old friends of mine as well. Withing 15 minutes of setting out to do so later that week I successfully reestablished contact with 4 old lost connections. One of which a very good friend that I lost contact with while I was in Japan almost 10 years ago. Amazing how much the internet has influenced our lives and I remember when I was a kid just hearing a snippet of references to this new INTERNET thing that was just starting out. That really wasnt too long ago. LOL! We are heading out to the East valley later today to grab lunch with that old friend of mine. Gonna be a good day!

Here is day 4 of the page titles for this week! Enjoy


  1. I absolutely love your work. I have bought all your kits and have found so many uses for them. Sometimes when I can't think of a title or a thought, I always can with your stuff. Thank you so all your great work.

  2. Wonderful! i know just how i'll use it! thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing your great wordart.