Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sisters and Brothers sets are ready!

I had not realized that katies new sister and brother kits were seperate! LOL I guess I just assumed it as a combined theme so you can imagine the mad scramble I went in to get the sets done for these kits. A set of wordart, page titles and monograms for each kit so what I thought would be 3 products was suddenly 6! LOL I finished up the last of it last night and got it all listed this morning! Check em out! I think they turned out fantastic and I had so much fun working with these kits they are so beautiful!


  1. These are terrific! I'll have to pick them up next week. Love them!

  2. I really love the work you do with Katie's kits. And thanks for all the freebies! I was wondering if somehow a set of crossover wordart could be made with her two new kits? I have a son and a daughter, and those kits seem so geared to someone who has more than one of one (or both) of the genders. Just an idea. ; )

  3. You know I cannot believe that didnt already cross my mind! DOH! Absolutely. Ill get set of wordart as well as page titles using the two kits combined in the works here this weekend. Should have something ready by early next week if not sooner.