Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Cats Meow Day 6

Wow another week almost at an end. What to do what to do....what will we have next week? Guess we will have to wait and see, who is up for some fun brag books? What do you think?

If you missed this weeks freebie kit you can still grab it in the store for 1.50 and be sure to keep up with the blog for the next freebie set!

now available in store


  1. Th♥nks for the wonderful freebie!

  2. oohh love BB pages..thanks for sharing..and what a cute lil mouse

  3. Beautiful again ! Thank you very much ! :)

  4. Brag books are ok, but personally I like full size. But honestly, anything you do is awesome and I am most appreciative for it all.
    Just giving some marketing research ;)
    Although, it would save hard drive space, which seems to be getting pretty small nowdays!!

  5. Oh man I hear you on the drive space, we are about to get a new 1.5 TB EHD cause my current external is full and my new Dell Laptop has 3 250 GB partitions and still Im already at 40% capacity on one and its a 4 month old computer! LOL. Its those bloody PSD files that take up so much space I think! LOL