Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Katie just released a new kit JUST TREATS PLEASE here last week and I have just finished all the goodies to go with it! A set of monograms, wordart and page titles.

Its hard to believe that its already Halloween. I mean time flying fast is nothing new for me as I am always keeping myself busy and enjoying what I do but it means my little guy is already going on 9 months and geeez it does not seem like he should be that BIG! We got his costume ordered and it should be here by the weekend or early next week. Were gonna go with this awesome blue monster costume I found online till I realized the shipping on it would cost almost as much as the costume! Thats just stupid really!

So we found a really cute Monkey costume from the childrens place and even better it was on 30% markdown with halloween so close! YAY! Double YAY! This will be his first Halloween and we are so excited. This one will be extra special for me even cause being that I lived in japan for over a decade and my oldest boy Ryuto now 10 was born there, he never really had a Halloween till the last one and I always wished that I could of given him that experience so this is something that I can give to Skylar as well. Cant wait!

On to the goodies....


  1. Oh! So adorable!!! I will be getting these!!!! You and Katie together are a super team!