Tuesday, October 12, 2010


At walmart one night me and Don discovered this super cool mesh thing that allows babies to eat fresh fruits without getting the pulp in their mouths.This was Skylars first experience with it and he loves it Threw some strawberries in there one night and between the sour faces and puzzled looks it made for one very entertaining experience.

I am currently working on a new kit and started to play around with it to see how it would look here is a peek what do you think?


  1. ohhh I love the colors ...so bright and playful...you go girl

  2. Hi,
    I must say that I come here almost everyday for a new inspiration, but this is the first time that I leave a comment, so I must leave a big thank you firs.
    For this kit - I really love the color combination and the soft feeling that it's giving.
    now, I get the overall elements which you put around the adorable baby, but I feel like the square ones don't really belong there.
    It's just my opinion and hope I don't offend you in any way.

  3. Oooh I am loving the look of this new kit! Can't wait to see the whole thing! An aren't those mesh things great! Both my babies loved them...but they are SO gross to clean, especially banana...oh well, they love them! You are so good about putting new things on your blog all the time, I love visiting...usually more than once a day!

  4. I love this kit, its soft and beautiful and unisex and sellable. It's good, go for it!

  5. Thanks Merav! No offence taken whatsoever! Feedback is always great good or bad. People gain their strength from their diversity and as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The kit is turning out really well I agree glad you all are enjoying it as well. Im hoping to get it done this evening or tomorrow. I actually got 3 kits Im working on right now, a xmas one, camping one which is also close to done and this baby one. Being that Katie is taking over the freebies this week its freed up some time to really knock out some goodies.

  6. Sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree about the squares. I think the page and the kit looks fabulous!!