Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sew Pretty Day 4

Afternoon guys! I got day 4 of the freebie kit for you! Enjoy

The sew pretty freebie week has ended but if you missed it you can still grab the full size kit in the store for 1.50! Be sure to keep up with the blog  for the next freebies!


  1. What a clever and fun kit! Adorable! thank you very much! :)

  2. Thank you so much.
    Conny Hillgaard, Denmark

  3. yay this is better - I love your doodled and modern freebies. Sports and camping is ok, but you do the BEST cuties and trendies (papers that become your favorites, like this button paper -yum) I just love the kitten and puppy cuties we got, they are so well done. Too good to use, its the best kitty so far in digi land. The westie was very cute, but cats are harder to capture and the colouring was just perfect.

    I would like some more cuties and trendy paper kits, what about a tooth fairy one or a toddler milestone kit (potty training, tooth, first words) You can have that one for free lol. Or here is another one just for you (so no other designers read this part lol!) I think a good xmas idea that is unique is to do a kit about the end of year xmas concerts that school does - you could have lil jesus costume cuties, a choir, lots of bravo, outstanding, director chair, - i think alot of people have kids, and they would take photos of it yes? It's more a paid kit idea, but I cant design it so you might as well have it, maybe it will spark something for you. Carols by candlelight could be good too. Ok, that's my freebies for you, lolololol

  4. I have actually been thinking about doing a tooth fairy one here soon. The baby milestones I will HAVE to do since I got a 9 month old who just got his teeth coming in now! LOL Xmas recital one is an awesome idea. I definitely think Ill get one that one just dont know if I will have time to get to it before this holiday Im so swamped with stuff right now LOL! Aside from the freebies and my own designing I got a few people that I been helping learn the trade as well as work I do for other designers! Least Im not bored hahahaha! I appreciate the ideas, they are very insightful I like doing things that are not easily found everywhere. Something different!