Saturday, November 06, 2010

Xmas Tree Template Freebie

Morning guys! So I was in the gallery at last night looking around and I ran across one of the coolest ideas I have in a while! This gal is documenting her entire life day by day for an entire year! She is taking a pic a day and compiling a week into a layout. She is at week 44 right now and her layouts are fantastic to boot! I PM'd her and she sent me a link to this site which inspired the idea. I think I may try this cause its soooooooo cool!...

This fantastic idea was inspired the 365 project site. Click the logo above to check out the site. I have not had a chance to look at the site yet but I am gonna and I do believe doing this myself its brilliant! Sorry rather excited about this as you can see LOL! Who else is up for it? Im thinking if you guys wanna play along, we can run a series where you guy send me your 365 project layouts to post on the blog here and share with each other. Whose game?!

I have another freebie template for your guys this morning as well of a cute xmas tree. Enjoy


  1. I am on my second year of the 365 project...I love it..because life isn't just about the big events it is about everyday little things and leaving a legacy of what life was like "back in the day"... thanks so much for the tree and the wreath freebies..they are awesome...

  2. This is my first year with the P 365 project (I'm only digiscrapping for 2 years) And I love it. This is a simple peak into ouw live, just the every day things, not only the special of fancy things. Just like it is. I think it makes a special book for later. I don't have a blog, only an photobucket-album: [img] [/img] (sorry, it's Dutch)
    ps I love your blog!!!