Friday, January 07, 2011

Introducing ....Curly Q's N' Polly Woggs!

Afternoon everyone!!! I am so pleased to announce a new very talented designer has joined our team today! her name is Savannah of Curly Q's N' Polly Woggs desisngs! She is a super talented template artist and will be working her magic for us from here on out! So all those requested kits you gals have been requesting will be materializing very soon so throw the suggestions our way! We are also planning a line of paper peicing templates for you paper scrappers out there! So any requests or suggested themes are most welcome as always. Above is a short bio she wrote about herself and in the store today is her first available set in a fun Tween sleepover theme! She was even wonderful enough to create a freebie file for you all! Check her out in there store! And grab the freebie while its here! Enjoy

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  1. Can you guys make a seT of family like TemplaTes like THe one on Curly Q's N' Polly Woggs posT?