Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grandma and Grandpa Monograms

New goodies in the store this evening. No place like Grandmas Monograms and Grandpas Lap Monograms! Happy Scrapping!


  1. HELP PLEASE! I have been ordering from you for quite awhile and love your creations.

    I have a terrible problem. My external hard drive just crashed and I lost most of my digital files. Is it possible to reinstate my orders so that they can be redownloaded. As you can imagine, I am devastated by this loss and will make sure everything gets backed up twice in the future. Katie from Just So Scrappy Outlet has reinstated my orders from her but she was unable to reinstate yours for download.

    I appreciate anything you can do to help?

    1. I would suggest you send Misty a Facebook Message through the C4M page. She might see it better then the comments here on the post which tend to sometimes get lost :)
      I hope she's able to help you!!