Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Digiscrapapalooza 2012 Promotional Giveaways!

Who is coming to the Digiscrapapalooza 2012 in Vegas this year?! I was there last year and will be again this year. Coolibah is sponsoring again and I will be there with Bobbie working the booth and meeting everyone there. This year Katie Castillo of Just So Scrappy and Karen Schulz of Snickerdoodle is coming as well so its gonna be a big meet n greet!!!! Cant wait. So I just got off the phone with Bobbie while I was out getting groceries and the Ipad and Ipod skins that she ordered for the Convention promotional giveaways arrived in the mail and I just opened my email to find the pictures of them that I asked for. Me, katie and karen all sat down and designed a bunch of these. Here is a peek. What cha think?!?!?!?! Im so stoked!!!!


  1. I love the flowered skin!!! How can I get one?

  2. These particular skins are promotional giveaways for the upcoming Digiscrapapalooza Convention coming up in Vegas next week However we are preparing to have these available soon for purchase through the websites so Ill definitely post information on that soon as its set up! They are so fun to design! We were all really happy with how they turned out!