Thursday, March 29, 2012


Working on a new mini today. Having a lot of fun with this different style. Dont worry. Im not ditching the Cutesy stuff. I love doing those too much but needing a bit of a break for a week. Hit a creative block and those are frustrating to say the least. I drew an awesome set of music kids. They look fantastic. But for some reason I just couldnt get a kit to look right in the colors and such so its on hold for the moment. Here is a layout I did using this new one Im working on. I really wish I had girl pics to work with but only boys in my home! LOL What cha think?


  1. I think that it's very classy. The grey and pink upgrades it totally to a classical look good for older girls, Moms, Grandmas, and little 'uns too. A very nice addition to your repetoire!

  2. I love the colors, they're soft and girly. Very lovely!