Thursday, April 05, 2012


These are two seperate incidents. The other day I stepped outside to talk to Don while he was smoking a cig on the terrace and in the few minutes that I was out there Skylar got into my purse got my wallet and we walked in to find him on the floor with everything all over the floor caught red handed. About a half hour ago I walked into his room to check on his to find EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING HE OWNED strewn around the room on the floor and he was in the process of pulling out all the baby wipes from the dispenser as well. Needless to say he spend the next 20 minutes picking up every piece and putting it all in the 2 laundry baskets I set down for him. Of course he did the full victim bit with fake tears and all as he cleaned up. OH THE DRAMA!

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