Saturday, December 08, 2012

Scrap Addict Monograms Day 1

Morning everyone. I been MIA for a while and I apologize. Hubby is in the last few weeks of his schooling and the finals are coming up. Tons of assignments to have ready and xmas shopping to do ect ect. I been running around like crazy the last week and a half that I have barely had 10 minutes to sit at the computer at a time. I did sit down last night and get a new set of freebies put together for you guys using one of the new kits Scrap Addict. This is day 1 of the monograms. Also I wanted to throw together a neat deal for you guys since xmas is coming up. Once in a while Ill do a buy my store 1 month access but this year Im doing a 6 month access. Which means you get full access to everything I have released as well as everything I put out over the next 6 months with the purchase of this deal. Dont think Ill be doing this one again but wanted to do something big this year! Enjoy!!!!


  1. Beautiful monogram - thank you!!


  2. wow this is amazing blessing to you and thank you for all the amazing wonderful beautiful gifts that you have shared over the past years and yes I just wish had the money to buy your shop any way merry Christmas and hugs to you Nana Kat

  3. Your monograms are just GREAT !
    Thank you so much !!!

  4. I have just found your site and went back to the letter A and I can still download! I can't tell you how THRILLED I was! These monograms are gorgeous, beautiful, outstanding! Well, you get my drift! Thank you! Then, I went to your store and I was delighted! Not only are your kits SOOO cute but, they are AFFORDABLE. So many times, I go to sites, love their kits, but, there is no way I can put out $15.00 or $20.00 or more for a, I'm not saying that with all the work that goes into making a kit they're not worth that much...all I'm saying is that there is no way I can afford to buy kits that are that expensive. But, I'm going to buy some of your kits, for sure. They are soooo sweet! Love them! I especially like the more realistic kind of kit but that's my own personal preference. Thank you so much for all that you do! I'm so grateful! I am Faith at

  5. I totally agree with the comments above me. I recently found you on MMS and absolutely love your monograms and have already purchased some of your clusters/kits. Will be spending more time in your shop. Always believe in supporting those you are so generous in giving out such beautiful freebies.

  6. Hi!

    Now i am so cravings for buying all monograms! As your blog's name, I am now crazy for it! :) Thanks a lot for all beautiful monograms and will always support you!