Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scrap Addict Monograms Day 10 and 13

Afternoon everyone. This week has been insane. Skylar will be starting preschool here soon so it should mellow out a bit and I wont have to be on the go quite so much hopefully! LOL I know I missed the J in these freebies and been meaning to get it posted but I had someone in here working on the store and blog designs and needed to wait till they were done or taking a break to get it posted. So here is the missing J and the next freebie for you as well! Enjoy...


  1. Thanks! You are so talented!!

  2. thanks for the awesome monograms! pre-school already! wow time does fly!

  3. Thank you for letters from "H through to M" - love them!!! I was trying to say thank you for each letter, but, time is of the essence, grandsons will be arriving shortly and if I don't hurry, I won't get this done, so, I have to cut a few corners which I hate to do, so, please forgive me. Each letter really deserves its own HUGE thank you, they are so beautiful! And, you deserve a standing ovation for all your talent and hard work! Thank you!!