Thursday, October 07, 2010


I have gotten a number of comments regarding my freebies being found on another blog and you know we had not anticipated this causing so much confusion. I mean we knew that there were a few readers who followed both my blog as well as Just so scrappys but most people know that me and Katie work together regularly on designs so I figured it would be rather obvious. Ah well there goes the saying for those who assume.....hahahaha you now how it goes and I do kinda feel the ___ now. My apologies. Katie has a lot she does and I thought it would be neat to give her a break and she could run the freebies there as well and get caught up and that you could have some of her brag books here sometimes for those of you who dont know about her blog. Change things up and give you guys some variety. Noone is stealing anyones work as its a collaborate project and thats about it. I dont want anyone to think that she is pirating anything. She got my into designing to begin with, has been my coach you could even say. She is a wonderfully talented woman who has been an angel to me and its because of her that I have been able to give you guys the great freebies you find on the blog each morning. So do check out her stuff as well.


  1. The two of you make an awesome team. Love your work and look forward to what is coming in the future. Keep up the great work.

  2. I asked but was not accusing anyone, but was a little confused

  3. Of course not hun, and it wasnt perceived as an accusation on anyones part, simply that in hindsight I could see how the freebies on two blogs could confuse people especially if you didnt realize we work together on many things. Digital piracy is a very real problem with many designers from what I hear and Katie herself has been the target of this on a few occasions, and while I greatly appreciated the thought and concern that this may or may not of been the case I simply thought it would be good to clear up the confusion so everyone knew what was going on. You guys are really quite awesome! I know a lot of blogs just are there posting their stuff, people come they grab freebies and sometimes post the occasions thankyou comment or what not. Its cool how you guys comment with your own thoughts and input on something that I have posted and its all interactive and conversive. Makes this just so much fun!

  4. you are so easy to interact with..some of the other blog owners they want the comments but they don't give anything back either and you and Katie make an excellent team..I love her stuff too.....keep up the good work and its nice to know that there are some people who are aware and point out a possible piracy..have a great day and
    Happy Scrappin Y'all

  5. I figured it out by seeing your little badge on her site, plus I knew that designer always gave lovely freebies and seemed "solid".

    I think it's a compliment to both of you that you have passionate fans, who were only looking out for you, because you are newish and it would be most unfortunate if someone was doing that, at this point of your career. The freebies are so nice, I am totally glad this had a happy ending, thank you for addressing it, no offense was meant, only a question being asked, so sorry if I made anyone feel yukky, it was coming from a fiercely loyal and loving place, and I am glad to hear you have a mentor, and I will continue to both blogs in the future.

    Miss Renee

  6. Thanks Renee, I do appareciate the thought on everyones part and that you all enjoy the freebies so much makes it worth all the time and effort that goes into them, no offence was taken and by feeling like the ___ it was more of a Homer Simpson DOH! moment that I should of thought of that but didnt kinda feeling LOL! We are our own worst critics afterall!