Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Cats Meow Day 4

Here is day 4 of the freebies. So far we have horses and fantasy themes for suggestions. Thats two down what more we got out there. Keep the suggestions coming guys cause these freebies are about you and what makes this obsession that much more fun to indulge in! Hugs Misty 

If you missed this weeks freebie kit you can still grab it in the store for 1.50 and be sure to keep up with the blog for the next freebie set!

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  1. OK for a new kit I would love to see a wedding theme, yes Classic beauty does work but some more wedding elements and more geared towards wedding...maybe not all black and white would be nice. I would also LOVE a farm kit, with all the animals, piggies, cows, horses, billy goats! Another idea I have is a fire fighter set...or combine that with police man and make a hometown heros kind of theme...and medival...knights and dragons, castles and princess...enough ideas??? :) Can you tell what I have pictures for! Thanks for all you do, I LOVE your stuff!

  2. Good morning, Misty. Thanks for sharing your fantastic creations. I happened upon Katie this morning (its been awhile) and seen you had a blog. dah, I know of you from Katie's Store.
    Ideas umm how about some of these (you may have done some of these already LOL)

    grand parents day

    on the town --movie, concert, symphony, opera, musical, museum, farm, landmark......

    food --shopping, cooking, eating, recipes.....

    sports --baseball, basketball, golf, hockey, soccer, meets, marathons.......

    careers --president to peasant...

    travel --capitals of the world....

    water --lake, ocean, pond........

    wild kingdom --fish, birds, reptiles, insects

    whew, that was a mind full of ideas LOL :)
    Thanks for the kitty mini, Misty. Have a fun filled day.
    Pat M

  3. Just found your site from Susie Q freebie listing. Adorable stuff. I would love to see a rabbit kit...recently got 2 of them and now have 2 babies 1 month old and 6 tiny ones one day old...would love to scrap them and surprise my daughter...specifically would love to see some lop ear bunnies in the kit.

    Thanks for sharing your talent..will be back often.


  4. Hello and thanks so much for the kitty kit. I like some of the suggestions already posted, especially farm as your animals are so cute! I also wondered about 'cheer-leading' with pompoms, children of different races, etc. That theme is very hard to find. Appreciate your work very much.

  5. awesome cat kit......I would love to see a billiards kit....the terrible twos...the alien teen what you do..thanks so much

  6. Th♥nks for sharing your wonderful work with us.

    Here's an idea for you: When my sister was pregnant I use the fruits and vegetables from this site on her scrapbook pages. I had a hard time finding cute versions of some of them and it would be great if there was a kits that had them all in it. Here's the link:



    ok i am back, i think this lady is the one confusing people that it is you, you should clarify why she has your freebies on her blog, as it is not just me who is concerned - plus people are downloading twice (i read that on her blog)

    Freebie hunters notice these things because we know the stomping grounds, but the usual user or potential customer, could be buying her kits and not yours? Just looking out for you, I think you have a great little following here, your fans are very loyal and your freebies are doing really, really well.
    They are the best ones of animals on the web, I spend seven hours a night looking so I should know :P

    Love always
    Miss Renee

  8. I totally second fruits and vegetables and other various foods. I have been searching for cute food things and would love some cute ones.. I guess it could also be gardening. Your animals are the cutest so Im sure a farm one would be adorable though I already have lots of farm things.
    Wedding would also be nice since I havent scrapped my wedding from 3 years ago yet!
    And since my life is FILLED with toddlerhood... Anything toddler is always great in my books! "big girl bed" "first tricycle," totally I do it! themed.. since these are the words I hear all day long!

  9. Thanks again for another great part of the kit.

  10. These pets kits are so wonderful!

    What about a guinea pig - kit?

    Thank you for sharing!