Friday, August 05, 2011

Name it to win it!

Ok so you see the sneak peek. You see what is up and coming. I asked for some ideas on the title for this one and that got me thinking. For fun Im gonna send a store coupon to grab this new bundle valued at 10 dollars to the one who comes up with the best name for this new kit. If you name it, you win it! Email me your suggestions and the one I go with gets it!!! This will go until tomorrow night guys! Let the game begin!!!


  1. Honeysuckle Rose
    noteablescraps (at) blogspot (dot) com

  2. beary nice summer...
    I try but My english isn't so good! lol
    friendly from france,
    I love your designs especially your monograms, they're so original!

  3. Hey Misty! Sneak peek colors are so soft and pretty... How about: Summer: Grin and Bear it!

  4. Great suggestions guys! Be sure that you send these to me via email cause I need to have an email address to send the store coupon to! Ill be emailing the winner tonight! Hugs

  5. Lil Honey Bear
    Sweet as Honey
    Bee My Honey Bear (my favorite)
    Bees and Honey Bears or Bees and Honey
    Bee Sweet
    Hunny Bee or Honey Bee
    Honey Bee Sweet
    Looks like a fun kit, Misty!

  6. How about:
    Sweet Days of Summer
    Beary Sweet Summer
    Sweet Beary Summer

  7. Guess I didn't email :)
    Looking forward to the kit though!